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Только после регистрации свободный доступ?

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Каталог "Continental molluscs of Russia"

First version of the on-line catalogue of continental molluscs of Russia and adjacent territories is published on the Ruthenica WEB site: http://www.ruthenica.com/page-51.html. It includes 1892 species and subspecies of terrestrial and aquatic molluscs (excluding marine) from the territory of the former USSR. Caspian bivalves are also included.a systematic account of all fresh-water
Catalogue was compiled by Yu.I.Kantor, A.A.Schileyko, M.V.Vinarsky, A.V.Sysoev
The catalogue will be regularly updated and corrected.
Please send the commentaries, additions and corrections to Yuri Kantor (kantor@malaco-sevin.msk.ru )
The new category "Malacozoologia Rossica" will be dedicated to fauna of Russia.